• Presale Saturday

  • 8
    •  € 10 Incl. ticket fee
      Entrance 10:00
  • Presale Sunday

  • 8
    •  € 10 Incl. ticket fee
      Entrance 10:00
  • tickets at the door

  • 15
    • Entrance at 11:00


10:00 – DOORS OPEN




10:00 – DOORS OPEN

                       17:30 DOOR TICKET SALE CLOSED

                           19:00 CLOSING CONVENTIO0


No large handbags, backpacks allowed inside. We are allowed to refuse entrance at all times. We are allowed to search your personal items and bags. A personal ID can be asked. Without a valid ID we can refuse entrance to the convention.


Children free entrance till 10 year. Children don't have to wait in line. Use the guestlist entrance. 2 (paying) adults allowed per child to use the guestlist entrance.


Free entrance for wheelchair visitors. Use the guestlist entrance. 1 (paying) adult allowed per wheelchair visitor to use the guestlist entrance.


  • Yes, bring your ID. We can refuse entrance without your ID.
  • Yes you can bring a digital camera inside but pictures can't be sold for commercial purposes.
  • Yes, medium bagers are allowed inside but will be checked by our security guards.
  • Yes we have various camera's inside recording all weekend.
  • Yes, the convention is for all ages but there will be some tastefull nudity, but we are not an erotic convention. Parents are responsible for their own children what allowed to be seen or not.
  • Yes, wheelchair visitors are free, the extra person is not.
  • Yes the toilets costs 0,50€ per visit, they are kept very clean and hygienic during your visit to the convention.
  • Yes tattoo artists take walk-ins at the convention.
  • Yes some artists have a pin machine with them to pay with card.
  • Yes you can buy drinks on the convention cash or by card.


  • We don't have an ATM at the convention.
  • We are not allowed to have MC Colors at the convention.


    We don't allow promotion teams. Entrance will be refused.
  • No large bags allowed (maximum 40x40cm).
  • We are not responsible for any physical or material damage.
  • We are not responsible for stolen items.
  • No pets or other animals allowed inside.
  • You can not bring your own food or drinks inside, small sugar snacks are allowed.
  • No smoking, vaping. We have a smoking are outside.
  • No weapons or drug use allowed.
  • You can not bring food inside the tattoo stand / artist area.
  • We will not tolerate drunk visitors or violent behaviour.
  • There is no shuttle bus for visitors.
  • No refunds on tickets.
What is the nearest train station to the convemtion

Train Station 'North' is the closest.

Can entrance be refused?

Yes, we have the power to refuse entrance at all times.

Do I need to bring my presale ticket to the convention?

Yes, bring your printed ticket or on your smartphone.

Free Ticket Holders

Use the normal opening hours, not the pre-sale ticket opening hours!

Is the building secured?

Yes, there are various camera's inside and oustide the buildings. Professional security and police are checking the security of visitors all weekend.

Is there a presale entrance?

Yes, there is a special presale entrance.

Pre Sale Ticket?

Is a ticket bought online and not at the door.

Where can I park my car?

There is a big underground car parking inside Tour & Taxis.

Can I get tattooed or pierced on the convention?

Yes, minimum age is 18 years or 16 years with attendance from one of the legal parents.

Can I go outside the convention building once I bought my ticket?

No. Once you have left the convention building via the exit doors you have to get in by the normal entrance and buy a new ticket. This has to be done because of security regulations.

What are the opening hours of the convention?

You will find all info under the 'tickets & fax' button.

Are children allowed inside?

Yes, but note there are +16 age shows on the weekend program. Till 10 years there is free entrance. See the Ticket page for more info.